Saldanha R3.5 billion port investment will contribute to economic recovery and growth

Saldanha Bay, Thursday, 6 May 2021 Today, delegates at the DEVAC INFRASFUTRE conference held in Cape Town were addressed by Ms Kaashifah Beukes, CEO, Saldanha Bay Industrial Development Zone Licencing Company SOC Ltd (SBIDZ-LC). Beukes, who was part of the discussion “Supporting African Infrastructure Projects toward Africa’s economic recovery plans in the mix of a pandemic”, spoke on “Port infrastructure development and Industrial Zones (IDZs) development”. The topic aimed to provide a better understanding of transformational growth strategies and how to identify growth opportunities.

A number of delegates have been invited to visit the Saldanha Bay IDZ on Friday to meet the Executive Management Team and tour the site.

The SBIDZ-LC is South Africa’s first and only Special Economic Zone (SEZ) located within a port and with a Freeport, or Customs Controlled Area regime. The port also happens to be the largest and deepest natural port in the southern hemisphere.

The Saldanha Bay Industrial Development Zone complete Media Release can be read here.